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Canon Information Systems and Research Australia

Finance Transformation

2008 – 2010

This Canon research center completes imaging research projects for Canon group companies.

Background: CiSRA competes for work with Canon research laboratories around the world.

Robust project management is key to enabling projects to be completed at a competitive price.

Project management is dependent on the leadership team having accurate and timely reporting on project progress, and attributed costs, to enable the most effective use of resources

Project: Review month end reporting.

Lead transformation of the finance function, to enhance financial control and reporting.

Results: Completed review.

Implemented IProc online purchasing

Developed a methodology to integrat a research company GL with a sales company GL.

Alignment of General Ledgers enabled moving CiSRA accounting and reporting from Navision/TM1 into the Canon shared services Oracle/TM1 environment.

Mentored the finance group to work as partners to project managers, communicating project progress, reconciliation to expenditure and revenue recognition per accounting standards.

Reduced month end process to two days for collation and reporting for 50 research projects and CiSRA.

Liaised with external advisorsĀ  for audit, transfer pricing and R&D grants leading to significant cost savings.


Commercial support


Background: Optus is Australia’s second largest telecommunications provider.

The Consumer Group provides telecom services for over four million people.

The Consumer Finance team provides monthly performance reporting including detailed analysis of subscribers, revenue and expenditure

Project: Consumer Finance required support to expedite and enhance reporting and associated insights

Results: Contributed to the consolidation process and enhancement of theĀ  monthly performance pack

Developed algorithms and Pivot tables to facilitate presentation and analysis

packs delivering insights into performance,

Liaised with operations managers to communicate results

Co-ordinated monthly review meetings to understand contributing factors

Contributed to developing the Annual Operating Plan and to migration of reporting from Excel toTM1


2011 | Six Sigma support – Business Case development

Working with Optus Six Sigma team to quantify and prioritise the business cases for a suite of initiatives to reduce the 9 figure cost of inbound calls.

A key insight was identifying the need to align the cost of inbound calls with the division P&L. This enabled quantifying the cost of call types and prioritising initiatives

Developed an Excel model to develop align the business case baseline with the P&L statement

Clarified business case assumptions with six sigma team and operations

Completed scenario modelling on customer and inbound call databases demonstrating the value of automated responses for different call types leading to approval of the business case

HealthShare NSW

2013 | Project Financial Control.

HealthShare provides shared services for NSW Department of Health and is developing world leading healthcare solutions including a platform for Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Led finance support for IT projects with $150m annual budget by developing an Excel system enabling scenario planning and monitoring of project progress and expenditure

Integrated system with actual results reporting system, reviewing results and providing insights and recommendations

Collaborated with Project Managers to understand issues and risks

Applied model insights to negotiate with suppliers and reduce the cost of expenses

Social Impact Innovation