Incubators and Accelerators support individuals and companies bringing new products or services to new markets.

For companies, accelerators enable avoiding distraction from the core business, and also offers for specific staff to gain new experience.

For individuals, incubators and accelerators complement skill sets and experience.

Most new venture support programs run for three to four months.This is generally not long enough to make a difference and raises false hope for passionate founders.

After programs finish most startups, despite hard work and huge optimism, enter what is termed “the valley of death” – they don’t have sufficient capital, or a plan for sustainability. Only some 10% survive.


The InfinfityLab program runs for twelve months. 

The program is designed to provide long term sustainability for new ventures, and the subjects addressed have been determined based on extensive experience and feedback.

The subjects includes rigorous validation and planning, and team development, and are delivered in three components being setup, foundation and implementation.

InfinityLab Program structure

  • The “Setup Program” gives an overview of the latest trends in innovation and it’s impact on society. This is of deep concern for the Millennial and Gen-Z generations. This program helps your staff understand the implications both internally and in markets being addressed by the company.
  • The “Foundation program” gives experienced people the skills to build new ventures quickly by introducing existing innovation in new markets. This program is primarily for staff in transition, but can be provided in-house for staff development
  • The “Implementation program” provides support for startup ventures over 9 months to ensure venture viability.

Validation & Planning

Infinitylab strives to ensure that founders have a share of a viable business.

Some accelerators consider validation and planning “old school” notions, in an “agile” world, in a world where growth at all costs is the goal. 

The world today is however facing fundamental and unprecedented economic challenges. If a recession happens, capital will be more difficult to secure, and even startup ventures will require a plan for cash flow management and sustainability.

Although plans can change quickly, they do provide guidance: Participants on InfinityLab

New venture implementation teams are formed from applicants to the program or organisation sponsored participants.

As a starting point, innovation is validated and team cohesiveness assured.

High performing teams with validated innovation are then supported both through the program and financially, for 9 months

The program is delivered by InfinityLab Delivery Partners who bring considerable experience developing their own ventures, delivering tertiary level education and research and in engaing with the corpoate and government sectors. The Program Delivery Partners are complemented by experts in:

      • Service delivery,
      • Sector, Strategy and Technology specialists and
      • Regulatory and compliance experts.

Program Delivery

The InfintyLab program is co-ordinated and run by Infinitylab Infinitylab’s founder also lead iggloo which is a finance and strategy advisory firm. iggloo is a leading firm in delivering Financial review, Research, Reporting, Strategy & Planning.

Expertise in financial modelling is applied in the delivery of Business Cases, Due Diligence, Business Canvas development, Performance Reporting.

iggloo also  leads development of Budgets & Forecasts, Market & Partner Reviews,Investment Memorandum, Post Investment Reviews, Assessment of Revenue models and Project management.

Finanical modeling work inlcudes reviewing assumptions and algorithms; delivering Training; developing models; authoring reports and presentations on insights.

A core component of the InfinityLab program is ensuring teams have a robust understanding of their ventures plan.

InfinityLab founders have launched new ventures themselves and contributed to the implementaion of what have beomesubstantila enterprises. InfintyLab understands the issues and challenges associated with startups, this and provides implementation teams and investors with ongoing feedback over the duration of the program.

Program Delivery Partners

The Strategy Group are strategists and entrepreneurs at heart. They contribute to driving innovation. They sit at the nexus of Design Thinking, Lean Start Up and Strategy. 

In modules developed specifically for the InfinityLab program, The Strategy Group guides teams through key assumptions and how to validate these. This is a crucial step in implementing viable and sustainable new ventures.


Wordstorm PR eats, lives and breathes media.

Wordstorm PR was founded by Monica Rosenfeld in 2000 after working at Channel Nine’s “A Current Affair” as a producer, and learning how NOT to do PR.

In modules developed specifically for the InfinityLab program, Wordstorm helps founding teams understand how to promote themselves and their new ventures.

WordStorm PR has a down-to-earth, results-driven attitude. The team is ROI-driven and measures its success by its impact on driving the development of InfinityLab ventures.

Teams being assisted by Wordstorm PR clients don’t sit still. They don’t wait to stumble across greatness. They move, they progress, they grow. They innovate, take their business to the next level and want people to know about it.

Wordstorm PR works with the media and the InfinityLab teams to develop a strategic blueprint for success. Wordstorm PR anchors strategic plans with planned outcomes, and draws on industry knowledge to sculpt the message to ensure that activity is geared towards getting results.

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