Augmented by machines, how we work is being transformed – whether on a Guangzhou factory floor or in high-rise offices across the globe.

Transformation will continue to displace many workers; eliminating their jobs, squeezing their wages, and requiring them to learn new skills or move to new places.

Transformation will however also create other jobs and entire new industries we have yet to imagine. Innovation will liberate us from rote tasks, increasing our productivity and leaving us time to explore our creativity and full potential.

We must use technology to support this transition, and ensure it expands the possibilities for everyone.

At December 2018 some 2.5m Australians were unemployed or underemployed. Around 16% of the workforce.

The inability to fully engage in society  has a devastating impact on those impacted, their families and ultimately society.

At the same time there is extraordinary innovation being developed in Australia and overseas. This innovation is often not brought to market  due to a lack of suitable funding and resources

Australia has a strong social conscience. This is becoming increasingly important to many people, and in particular Millennials and Gen Z.


InfinityLab brings together people with experience who are seeking new challenges.This provides both new careers, and the ability to contribute to society, by introducing innovation that is proven, and is already changing society for the better in other countries.

InfinityLab helps organisations seeking answers to securing, retaining and engaging the workforce, and customers, of the future. This is a generation who are already seeing the impact of global warming and that are exposed constantly to inequality across the world. They care that suppliers and employers are helping make a difference.

InfinityLab works with government, corporations, startup ventures, investors and the social impact sector around the world to find extraordinary innovation, and to make this more widely available. This creates new jobs, enhances our society and ensures that limited resources are used effectively.

To enable making an impact for society as quickly as possible, InfinityLab is seeking to partner with organisations at the centre of their ecosystem, helping build awareness of the vital need for and supporting making this happen.

For a different future for your staff, customers, families and society contact Infinitylab.


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