InfinityLab was established in 2017 to reimagine society.

On the one hand people of an increasingly younger age are finding it difficult to secure meaningful careers.

This is due to many external forces such as the increasing use of technology to achieve the same, and sometimes better, results at a far lower price. Advances in technology dont only facilitate increased automation, but also allow people in lower cost jurisdictions to offer their services anywhere.

the rapid pace of change has led to a perception that older people are out of touch with trends in society and “modern” technologies. Experience is increasingly discounted in favour of a quick fix.


At the same time as people are finding it difficult to secure meaningful work, there is a world of extraordinary innovation that is makes a difference for society and the planet.

Infinitylab was formed to bring people looking for meaningful careers together with extraordinary innovation.

The story of InfinityLab is in itself a case study in why InfinityLab is required.

Implementing and growing new ventures is very difficult. Most do not survive and their demise leads to both relief and distress for their founders and teams.

Incubators and accelerators are a relatively new phenomenon and push through a number of “potentials”, in the hope that they find the next “unicorn”.

InfinityLab is different in that it is there over the long term.

InfinityLab works with founders and their teams, when incubators and accelerators have pushed them through their program.

The show is over, the lights have gone out the razza matazz is over and the real work begins. The venture needs now to survive on the leaders ability to inspire and their teams belief and perseverance.

Knowing when to stop or when to keep going is an extraordinarily difficult decision and there are many nuances that are gained only through experience. This is where InfinityLab helps.


InfinityLab works with many smaller ventures which often are short of funding. With some clients, Infinitylab provides pro-bono services on a “pay it forward” basis.

This requires considerable trust. We have seen many ventures that have been supported simply walk away once they feel they have all the knowledge they need.

This in itself shows a lack of appreciation for the difference between knowledge and experience. Some of these ventures have gone on to success. Many others have come to realise what they have lost and disappear.

Covid has now changed societies perceptions. The world InfinityLab has been striving for is emerging. This is an exciting  time of enormous opportunity.

Individuals and companies are recognising that no one is an island unto themselves, and that working together provides a platform for all. Despite the considerable challenges that have been overcome in building InfinityLab, it’s viability is becoming increasingly more assured and it is making a difference.

Whether you are an individual looking for a new career, an innovator with a product that is changing the world or a large organisation seeking to provide meaningful social responsibility, we look forward to engaging with you. In the first instance please use the contact form to give us an indication of how we can work together.





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