InfinityLab  creates new careers by bringing proven innovation, that supports society and our planet, to new markets.

InfinityLab distributes equipment that creates water from air.

This extraordinary innovation, formally known as Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG), works in the same way as dehumidifiers, or air conditions.

The innovation lies in the filtering system that enables producing crystal clear, pure drinking water.

InfinityLab established WaterSource to distribute this equipment. After extensive research, WaterSource determined that the Watergen brand is the clear world leader in this technology, and WaterSource now provides Watergen equipment in Australia.

  • Atmospheric Water Generation
    • Sustainable water
    • High Quality water
    • Environmentally friendly water
  • Watergen
  • Exceptionally High Quality water (patented filtration systems)
  • Products
  • Large Scale ( 5000 litres per day) (and available in “water farms”)
  • Medium Scale and Mobile Units (900 litres per day)
  • Home/Office (25 litres per day) (and air conditioning)


Atmospheric Water Generation





WaterSource has brought together all the elements necessary for you to have Watergen water available for your family, staff, customers, patients or others dependent on you for hydration.

WaterSource has clarified health and safety requirements, ensures compliance with regulatory requirements, established logistics, support and maintenance, and if required finance to enable you have this equipment.

To obtain Watergen products please contact us.






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