InfinityLab teams are formed by individuals, companies supporting staff in transition or startup ventures who see the value in ongoing support.

InfinityLab brings together:

  • Startup ventures seeking to scale more quickly and sustainably;
  • Corporations supporting employees, boosting employee morale, gaining social value and finding new products;
  • Experienced people making a difference in the next phase of their career:

InfinityLab offers Founding team members:

  1. Financial support  for up to 12 months
  2. Equity  in new ventures created
  3. An implementation program run by design and strategy experts
  4. Support provided by experts in team well being and PR, sector specialists and technology experts
  5. Review committees, an  advisory board or  board of directors.People who have been there before and helping avoid  “group think”
  6. A framework for evaluation and implementation


Plans may change, but they are key to knowing which road offers the best route to success


InfinityLab Program

InfinityLab is both a condensed MBA and advanced management program, equiping experienced people with the skills to build new ventures quickly.

The program gives experienced people an overview of elements that are key to building a company and sustainable competitive advantage

Team member development is key to the InfinityLab program, as a key to success is maintaining personal perspective and engaging with diverse customer groups and partners.


InfinityLab Teams are formed by:

  • Companies providing support for transitioning staff
  • Outplacement agencies on behalf of clients providing a unique new career option for transitioning staff
  • Start-up ventures who want to ensure their teams have the best support available.Often they have completed traditional accelerator programs and respect the value, and trusted independent advice and support they’ve been receiving.
  • Government – Qualified support for the InfinityLab program has been received from the Australian Federal government
  • Private applications directly to InfinityLab

Anything can be achieved – Man was never meant to fly. But we did it anyway.


“When you want to go fast, go alone. When you you want to go far, go together”. African proverb 



 The InfinityLab program is based in Sydney, Australia and will be offered in further centers as local partnerships are established and funds become available

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