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Canon Information Systems and Research Australia

Finance Transformation

2008 – 2010

This Canon research center completes imaging research projects for Canon group companies.

Background: CiSRA competes for work with Canon research laboratories around the world.

Robust project management is key to enabling projects to be completed at a competitive price.

Project management is dependent on the leadership team having accurate and timely reporting on project progress, and attributed costs, to enable the most effective use of resources

Project: Review month end reporting.

Lead transformation of the finance function, to enhance financial control and reporting.

Results: Completed review.

Implemented IProc online purchasing

Developed a methodology to integrat a research company GL with a sales company GL.

Alignment of General Ledgers enabled moving CiSRA accounting and reporting from Navision/TM1 into the Canon shared services Oracle/TM1 environment.

Mentored the finance group to work as partners to project managers, communicating project progress, reconciliation to expenditure and revenue recognition per accounting standards.

Reduced month end process to two days for collation and reporting for 50 research projects and CiSRA.

Liaised with external advisors  for audit, transfer pricing and R&D grants leading to significant cost savings.

University of New South Wales

2011 | Business Case & Business Plan development

UNSW Faculty of Engineering required development of the business case for implementation of a new center.

Refined the vision for the new center, by market research and discussions with stakeholders

Wrote up the business case leading to approval and implementation of the new center

On approval of the business case completed development of the business plan

NSW Roads & Maritime

2008 | Budget Program Manager

With an annual operating budget of $3.8Bn, NSW Roads and Maritime (RMS) manages driver licencing, vehicle registration and road construction and administration

RMS budget is completed using an Excel spreadsheet system and required re-establishing the budget baseline and program to enable integration and scenario planning, before approval of figures and upload to NSW Treasury

RMS required development of an Excel model to manage development of the $3.8Bn annual budget, allowing allocation of the $800m corporate overhead and scenario planning

Developed the project management framework by liaising with NSW Treasury. Developed an Excel model to re-establish the budget baseline and align projected figures with actual results and proposed initiatives

The project management platform and Excel were then used to manage the submission of proposed initiatives and inclusion of these for planning purposes

Project managed completion of the annual budget by guiding stakeholders and negotiating allocation and integration of the corporate overhead with divisional GM’s and financial controllers

Consolidated and integrated figures and completed scenario modeling for senior management team

Social Impact Innovation