The InfinityLab program comprises 4 phases:


Phase 1 – Inception

Running over the first 2 weeks.

During this phase implementation teams are formed

Innovation to be commercialised is clarified

At the end of this phase a decision is made, with the team, as to whether the team and innovation is viable.


Phase 2 – Validation

From weeks 3 – 6

A framework, or wireframe,  of the  minimum viable product is produced and with the team working well, and the innovation considered viable the innovation is validated with it’s anticipated market.


Phase 3 – Implementation

Weeks 6 – 12

With completion of the MVP, the new product or service is tested with customers.

Acquires partners, customers and is commercialised


Phase 4 – Expansion

At the end of 3 months it is anticipated that a viable product or service will have been produced.

The implementation team is supported by InfinityLab to grow revenue to reach profitability before leaving the InfinityLab program at the end of 12 months.


For detailed information on the InfinityLab program please Contact us using either the Individual or Company contact forms

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