InfinityLab for Companies & their Staff

InfinityLab provides an environment where experienced people bring new products and services to market.

While a startup accelerator, InfinityLab makes a social impact by providing an environment that is familiar to corporate leaders transitioning to the next phase of their career.

InfinityLab also seeks to ensure that implementation teams  focus primarily on innovation that is sustainable (profit for purpose) and makes a positive difference for society.


InfinityLab offers opportunities for your company to clarify the risks, and opportunities, of disruption without disrupting existing business as usual.

In today’s rapidly world, doing nothing is not an option. Organisations need to be constantly evolving.

InfinityLab enables your company to understand innovation that may contribute to achieving internal efficiencies or complement existing revenue streams, or that may impact on operations or markets.

InfinityLab provides:

  • An alternative career for transitioning staff
  • Exposure to innovation and social impact by volunteering support to innovation implementation teams
  • The ability for transitioning and existing staff to continue collaborating on meaningful ventures
  • Reassurance for shareholders that opportunities and threats are being evaluated.

InfinityLab works with specialists in:

  • The innovation and startup process
  • Technologies and their applications
  • Social impact innovation
  • The profit for purpose sector.

Experts we engage with have a deep understanding of technologies including Internet of Things (IOT), blockchain, AI, data analysis, VR/AR (and specifically how this is being applied in unconscious bias recognition).

Our teams are highly experienced and are familiar with collaborating and working together.

They can help clarify how startup processes, societal issues and emerging technologies can be applied in your organisation.

While developing their respective innovation, our teams can help with inhouse presentations for deployment of new technologies and developing business cases and implementation programs.

Our in-house team and partners make regular presentations, and can help clarify what technologies are right for your organisation.


Working with InfinityLab provides your staff with insights to the startup world, and to helping society in a meaningful way.

InfinityLab gives your staff the opportunity to experience the startup “ecosystem”.

The startup environment is portrayed in the media as all fun and a way to make an instant fortune. Staff may be tempted by this media portrayal  to leave your company to undertake the startup journey.

The startup journey is a lot of fun, but is a tough environment. It’s not for the faint of heart, requiring dedication, self motivation and perseverance.

Being exposed to the startup environment, with advisors who have been there before, can help manage expectations.

A key difference in working alongside InfinityLab is exposure to diversity, the social impact and profit for purpose sectors.

InfinityLab enables your staff to have meaningful volunteering opportunities, by working alongside InfinityLab teams and seeing the future of work.

This exposure not only helps make a meaningful difference, but also helps manage expectations and to see how skills can be transferable, and applied, in later careers.



InfinityLab for Shareholders

Headlines shout about disruption, regularly noting how Amazon and other global corporations, or technologies, are going to change the world forever.

Shareholders want to know that companies are focusing on their core business.

They are however also paying close attention to the impacts of disruption.

Shareholders are keen to know that companies are exploring and, where suitable, delivering new products or services.

Working alongside InfinityLab lets shareholders see that new products, services and markets are being evaluated.

Implementing transformation can be highly disruptive for staff, the company and it’s customers.

By working with InfinityLab your company can explore these options without disrupting business as usual.

InfinityLab gives an opportunity for shareholders to see that companies are taking potential disruption seriously.

InfinityLab helps your company prepare for the future,  and to understand the risks and opportunities of new products, services and markets.



Social Impact

Superfunds are divesting holdings in companies that have a negative impact on society, and are under increasing pressure to adhere to ethical investment.

Where previously, there has been a focus on financial returns, there is a growing awareness of, and activism related to,  social impact investment.

Although still relatively new in Australia,  superannuation funds are exploring options for investing on the “profit for purpose” spectrum.


InfinityLab is addressing social impact by creating opportunities for experienced transitioning staff, and for other groups that, while extremely competent, are finding themselves marginalised by society.



InfinityLab Investment

InfinityLab is seeking investment from organisations that want to gain access to new revenue streams while maintaining business as usual.

InfinityLab provides funding to enable new ventures to be established.

Implementation teams receive equity in their new ventures, alongside InfinityLab, and any patent holders. This ensures that the interests of all parties are aligned for success.

Opportunities are available for investment in InfinityLab, which is then passed through to new ventures, or directly in new ventures themselves. This provides the opportunity for either a portfolio approach or in a specific technology or societal focus.

For information on Investing in InfinityLab and/or its ventures please Contact InfinityLab to gain access to the Investment page.