InfinityLab is a commercialisation centre focused on making a difference for society.

This is initially achieved by creating new, and meaningful, careers for experienced people.

With ageism rampant in our society, this cohort of people (usually over 45) are, if they’re fortunate, securing unsecure roles that vastly underutilise their skills and experience.Those who are not fortunate are not securing work which is devastating families.

InfinityLab is also making a difference through the innovation being brought to market.

We use the UN Sustainable Development Goals as an initial basis for finding innovation to be validated and, if suitable, deployed

The areas identified by the UN are outlined below.

In the first row we display the SDG’s that we seek to address directly in offering the InfinityLab program

The following row shows the SDG challenges that are a priority for our implementation teams. We would like to hear from any startup ventures or innovators who have solutions to these challenges.

The final row shows SDG challenges identified by the UN that are addressed by government. Although not a core priority, we are interested in solutions that address these.

Offering InfinityLab provides:

Core areas of focus for InfinityLab implementation teams, are solutions that address the following challenges:

While the following challenges are addressed by government, we are interested if an organisation has solutions to these challenges that they would like us to evaluate:







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