Why InfinityLab

Leaving a well paid role in the corporate sector can be challenging.

The transition can lead to self doubt and a loss of confidence.

InfinityLab applies under-utilised talent and energy to create new opportunities, rather than leaving people wondering what could be, what might have been.

“maybe the most extraordinary accomplishment in the history of mankind….

science has doubled lifespans in the past century and a half,

but unless we shift our attitudes and responses to aging,

it will go from being a miracle to a crisis”


The InfinityLab team have been immersed in the startup world for many years. We’ve experienced successes and, what are known as, learning experiences.

We’ve experienced, and recognise, the importance of workign in a team environment and collaborating with people who have done this before.

The startup world, requires a specific focus on getting stuff done, and is very different to the corporate world, requiring self motivation.

Working with a team in a long term accelerator environment helps stay focused on whats important to achieving success

There are no set rules, no fixed agenda. Startups require flexibility and an ability to assess the lay of the land.

Startups require understanding not only what customers want, but also an effective way of providing it for them. This is getting the business model right.

The InfinityLab program is designed to ensure that people with energy and ambition dont take unnecessary risks.

InfinityLab respects ambition, but aligns this with support and collaboration to ensure applicants and participants have a clear awareness of what is necessary and required.

The challenge for any startup is finding the balance between giving up on a great idea, and pursuing an idea that needs refinement or is at the right place but at the wrong time.

The world celebrates success, but the reality is most startups do not survive. Startups take time. Its easy to lose focus or commitment.


Startups require commitment and dedication. The essence of a startup is to iterate quickly – finding what works and what doesn’t.

In a startup, getting to market with a business model that generates revenue, is more important than getting the product or service perfect.

This is known as the minimum viable product (MVP).

It’s then also important to ensure the product or service is relevant and working. Preferably before spending significant sums on marketing. Customers are busy and often dont even realise how your product or service will help them.


A startup venture is not a race to pitch, and secure funding, but is a journey based on a sound plan.

Some accelerators don’t believe in plans, suggesting the world changes too quickly. At InfinityLab we believe that having a plan is important.

Plans are not the “be all and end all”, but are simple a tool to help clarify what is needed and what can impact on the journey.

The plan may change, and usually does.

A nice mantra we once heard from a very smart guy – Plan the work, work the plan.

“In theory, a bike with square

wheels will roll perfectly down a catenary road.

But, as a wise man once said, “In theory there is no difference between theory and practise. In practice here is”

It is one thing to do ivory tower, mumbo-jumbo calculations on a chalkboard.

It is quite another to build an honest-to-god bike with square wheels.

(Actually, in the mid-90’s Stan Wagon a mathematician at Macalester College, built a working square wheeled bike).

Fortunately Stan’s bike never caught on and today’s bike sharing companies rely on tried and proven round wheels


Having invested considerable time, emotion and often capital in a venture, can often lead to persisting for the sake of persisting.

A key premise of Management accounting notes that, looking forward in the business case is more important than what has already been invested.


Working in an environment where the team, and key assumptions, are challenged in a collaborative way is vital.

Traditional accelerators provide 13 week programs. At the end of their program, terrific ideas are presented at pitching events.

Not all presentations receive funding. Those that do, and particularly those that dont, need to understand how they are going to progress, and usually require ongoing support.

InfinityLab helps ensure that people with considerable experience recognise at an early stage what is likely to work and what is unlikely to.

Many startup ventures fly on “instinct” and only apply business management tools after completing a lot of work or when attempting to raise funds.

We help teams  apply and understand tools that have been  tried and tested.

Using the correct tools to understand your venture, is as important as a trained builder knowing which tool gets each task accomplished in the most safe and effective way.

The startup journey is a long and tough journey. These journeys are best accomplished with a supportive team.

Often, only a small change in the product or message can make a fundamental difference to the success or failure of a venture.

The InfinityLab program is structured to ensure teams are aware of whats required, understand and apply the tools available, are prepared and have a common interest with InfinityLab, in making each venture work.

This is where working with InfinityLab makes all the difference.

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