InfinityLab is supporting stakeholders in the social impact sector.

The groups InfinityLab is working with are:

  • New ventures with innovation that is changing society
  • Large organisations that are helping make a difference to our world
  • Individuals seeking to create second careers after leaving the corporate sector
  • Investment groups familiar with the ability of social impact to increase ROI.

For new ventures, InfinityLab works with, and mentors, leadership teams, assisting in developing strategy and the business model.

InfinityLab drives a focus on revenue to build sustainability, setting up the venture and it’s innovation to continue expanding.


For large organisations, InfinityLab gives HR and Social Impact leaders the ability to offer CSR that makes a difference for society.

The Leaderboard platform enables teams to compete, for points and an award, in delivering CSR. This not only provides meaningful CSR, but also  facilitates high performance team building.


For individuals building second careers, InfinityLab provides the support that came from working in a corporate environment.

In addition to mentoring and support, as ventures InfinityLab is working with expand, InfinityLab is able to provide new careers in helping build portfolio companies.


Investment groups are becoming increasingly aware of the value added by companies supporting society.

This impact has most recently been quantified as driving a 7% increase in ROI.

To discuss how InfinityLab can make a difference for your organisation please contact us.

Social Impact Innovation