InfinityLab curates a portfolio of extraordinary, proven innovation to be brought to Australian markets.

InfinityLab brings together individuals with considerable skill and experience to commercialise this innovation.

How is InfinityLab different ?

  • Ventures established are based on proven innovation
  • Teams are formed by bringing people with considerable experience together
  • A social value incubator – both in the teams, and the innovation, being developed
  • The program is 12 months, maximising the prospects for success of ventures initiated
  • Participants receive a salary and equity in the ventures they build.

InfinityLab is looking for :

People who have the experience, confidence and, most importantly, resilience to succeed.

Successful entrepreneurs have a mean age of 45 :

– Research shows that experience plays a key role in the success of new ventures. (Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation)

– Prior experience in a specific industry predicts much greater rates of entrepreneurial success (US National Bureau of Economic Research).

Information is not knowledge. 

The only source of knowledge is experience. (Albert Einstein)


Why InfinityLab ?

Establishing a new venture is challenging.

InfinityLab provides a program and environment that aligns motivated individuals with the insight of teams, helping maintain perspective and see alternatives.


Participants on the InfinityLab program need to be willing to contribute as a member of a team.


InfinityLab combines an individuals experience with knowledge and creativity

The InfinityLab program

InfinityLab supports 4-5 startup teams of 4-5 individuals each for 12 months. New cohorts commence every 4 months. Therefore up to 75 people may be developing new ventures at any time.

The InfinityLab program is rigorous, with regular reviews of each new ventures viability.

When leaving the InfinityLab program, ventures are robust, proven, generating revenue and well on their way to becoming successful companies.


Stakeholders in the InfinityLab program:

  • Members of the founding teams, who receive an income, and equity in ventures they establish
  • Funds and companies who provide funding to support commercialisation in return for equity in new ventures
  • Companies who offer InfinityLab as an option for transitioning staff, and as a volunteering experience for existing staff
  • Any owners of innovation IP.


The Innovation

InfinityLab ventures are based on proven innovation.

New ventures commence by testing the innovations relevance and viability for local markets.



Innovation is fundamental to Australia’s future. The benefits will however only be realised if this is effectively communicated and delivered to end users.


From ink derived from car fumes to self-propelling elevators (for ambulances and personal use), there is an amazing stream of innovation that can benefit society and our environment.

To see some innovation that may be introduced see the “Innovation” or  InfinityLab on Facebook


Joining InfinityLab

Considering the future can be challenging and tackling a new venture by oneself can be daunting and can lead to mistakes.

Engaging in new ventures can however be life changing.


To join an InfinityLab team please see the “Join” page under “About”.

Tell us a bit about your ambitions on the InfinityLab application form and we will be in touch.


InfinityLab for Organisations


Change is inevitable as organisations realign skill sets to compete in a global market.


InfinityLab provides a number of benefits for your organisation.


Your Staff

Change is confronting for transitioning staff and for those remaining.

Staff leaving impacts on morale and performance.

InfinityLab gives you the ability to offer transitioning staff an alternative future

Companies are increasingly recognising the importance of social responsibility.


InfinityLab provides inclusive entrepreneurship, creates positive social change and helps people develop alternative futures. This is not only bringing extraordinary innovation to society and helping those who want,or need to work, build new careers but is also helping people avoid the social isolation that comes from working on ones own.


Your organisation and InfinityLab

Internal innovation, and “hackathons”, may be disruptive to ongoing operations and can be less than effective

Supporting transitioning staff with a position on the InfinityLab program helps your organisation discover and implement new products without disrupting ongoing business

Engaging with InfinityLab benefits your organisation by utilising the knowledge of departing staff

Retained staff benefit as they:

  • See your company supporting transition planning
  • Can provide social impact and meaningful volunteering
  • Gain exposure to innovation and the startup process without leaving your organisation
  • See high performance teams being developed (with opportunities to provide feedback on innovation and the teams)
  • Develop experience and skills for “the future of work”.


Change impacts on all of us.



Traditional forms, and forums, of social interaction are changing. The need to support staff has never been more important.

Progressive organisations are embracing new models for doing business and ensuring the welfare of staff.

To see how your organisation can benefit from working with InfinityLab please see the Companies page or Contact InfinityLab


Building our future. Today

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Building our Future. Today.