InfinityLab gives  people the ability to apply transferable skills and experience to commercialise extraordinary ideas.

This is achieved by Infinitylab teams creating new ventures by commercialising proven innovation.

The focus of the InfinityLab program is to support mature workers transition into new careers.

InfinityLab does however support all people who are passionate and energetic and have the skills or experience to contribute to a team in building an alternative future.

InfinityLab also gives companies the ability to provide an alternative future for transitioning staff.

The InfinityLab focus is derived from seeing the challenges being presented in today’s workplace, and recognising the enormous contribution experience and energy can make to society.

Although organisations are increasingly seeking to benefit from diversity, and what is known as neurodiversity, they still face challenges in implementing effective policies and adapting.

Society is at a tipping point in changing how we think about diversity and inclusion, however change takes time to implement. InfinityLab is helping create our future today.

This is important for individuals and for Australia, where the “dependency ratio”, being the number of people in paid work supporting each aged Australian, may decrease from 4.5 to as few as 2.7 unless willing workers can remain in paid employment.

Research by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation in the United States has found that experience plays a key role in the ongoing success of new ventures (measured by new ventures still in operation after three years)

Information is not knowledge.

The only source of knowledge is experience.

Albert Einstein



Participants in InfinityLab teams could develop their ventures independently. The reality however is that most new ventures do not succeed.

InfinityLab applies experience from the corporate and startup worlds to help ensure that the chances for success of new ventures are maximised.

InfinityLab brings together teams to align peoples experience and maximise prospects for success.

Teams create new ventures by developing new use cases for existing products, and commercialising proven innovation. Teams also receive equity in the new ventures.

Many factors impact on successful deployment and the road to commercial success. Sometimes more practical alternatives already exist.

Even when innovation is robust and feasible, it may simply be”a solution in search of a problem”


Working with InfinityLab, BEFORE any decision to proceed is made, and funds committed, teams complete business model viability assessments, and establish that innovation to be commercialised solves real life issues.

A key element of the InfinityLab  program is to also ensure that project and financial plans are developed early.

Frequently even the most significant innovation is impacted by execution not being effectively planned, key drivers not being clarified or assumptions being unrealistic, leading to a shortfall in available capital.

Although plans often change, as unrecognised factors are revealed, they provide a vital tool for understanding milestones the goal, and resources required to becoming sustainable.

“Plan the work. Work the Plan”

InfinityLab supports startup ventures throughout their journey to commercialisation


The InfinityLab program ensures alignment of the interests of all stakeholders. To join an InfinityLab team use the Join InfinityLab form.

Supportive companies

Change is inevitable as companies continually evaluate the skills and experience of staff to ensure these are aligned with organisational needs.

Change is confronting for departing staff and those remaining.

When staff need to leave a company this impacts on morale and performance. Many employers recognise this impact, and support staff with transition plans.

The 2010 film “The Company Men” shows how layoffs can affect anyone – An executive on the “fast track” to the top is a rising star with all the trappings of success.

Then technology arrives. His company evaluates it’s resourcing requirement and implements layoffs. This film demonstrates the support provided by an outplacement agency, and why InfinityLab offers such a valuable alternative


InfinityLab offers an alternative future for transitioning staff and your company.


InfinityLab supports transitioning staff implement new careers. This benefits both transitioning staff and the organisation.



InfinityLab provides an environment that maximises the chance for success in applying transferable skills and experience to build new ventures.

This includes taking Australian innovation overseas, introducing global innovation in Australia, developing new use cases for existing products or services and supporting companies to transition to new business models

InfinityLab develops inclusive entrepreneurship, creating positive social change and helping people who are discriminated against, or disadvantaged, develop alternative futures.


Staff and Innovation

Corporate environments require teamwork, collaboration and support.

Internal innovation, and “hackathons” are often less than effective and can be disruptive to ongoing operations.

Staff working with InfinityLab discover and implement new products and services.

These staff are familiar with your organisation.

With the support of the InfinityLab program, they can identify, evaluate and implement new revenue streams or expense reduction options.

Engaging with InfinityLab benefits your organisation by:

  1. Utilising knowledge gained by departing staff, who may identify new solutions for your company, or even be mandated to find solutions to specific issues
  2. Giving retained staff the opportunity to:
    1. Support ex colleagues in building new ventures, delivering meaningful volunteering and social impact
    2. See how high performance teams are are developed
    3. Gain exposure to tactical and strategic innovation and the startup process without having to leave your organisation
    4. Develop experience and skills for “the future of work”,  and prepare for their own eventual transition

Change impacts on all of us. With many traditional forums for social interaction changing, the need to support staff has never been more important for organisation sustainability.

For more information on InfinityLab for your organisation see Companies or to discuss options for your company’s engagement with InfinityLab please  Contact InfinityLab.


Experience counts.