“Often, the best ideas happen when people connect, bringing different knowledge and perspectives to the table”.

Innovation often doesn’t get implemented due to a lack of local commercialisation talent.

At the same time, many talented people are looking for their next opportunity, and for support in implementing this.

InfinityLab combines talent with innovation, and organisations that want to contribute to society, to create ventures that make a difference.


InfinityLab focuses on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), as a basis for identifying and supporting innovation development. The SDG’s are a blueprint for achieving a better and more sustainable future for all.


InfinityLab enables corporate partners to:

  1. Give staff meaningful volunteering opportunities, using and building their skills
  2. Build staff understanding of the impact of innovation and shared value
  3. Give departing staff meaningful new careers
  4. Meet the expectations of older and younger generations and of society
  5. Gain the benefits of engaging in Social Impact through shared value

Experienced People

  1. People are living longer,healthier more energetic lives
  2. At the same time, people are being let go from the employment market at ever younger ages
  3. Current options for a new career comprise starting a new venture, buying a franchise or a”gig economy” role
  4. InfinityLab offers a different future, providing interaction, support and funding

InfinityLab brings exceptional people together to enhance society by commercialising existing innovation.

Teams are made up of people who have forged solid careers and, in the next phase of their career,  want to help build a venture that enhances society


  1. Identifies innovation that enhances how we live
  2. Evaluates markets for innovation
  3. Guides funding organisations support society through shared value
  4. Brings together Implementation teams
  5. Supports Implementation Teams in Commercialising Innovation


InfinityLab also offers

  • Seminars spanning Innovation, Disruption & Social Impact
  • Post Accelerator Support

InfinityLab addresses the UN Sustainable Development Goals, building a healthier, more equal and sustainable society

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