Innovation for a healthy, sustainable and equal world

InfinityLab brings exceptional people together to enhance society by commercialising existing innovation.

InfinityLab commercialisation is made up of people who have forged solid careers, and want to help enhance society in the next phase of their career.



Companies are seeking to enhance their social contribution and value.

New and existing staff expect this. Customers expect this. And society expects this.

Doing nothing is not an option. It does not have a happy outcome.

The InfinityLab program gives companies the ability to support departing staff, provide remaining staff with exceptional “giving back” opportunities and to contribute to society.

InfinfityLab brings together:

  • Organisations wanting to make a difference,
  • People with experience seeking new & meaningful careers and
  • Innovation already proven in other markets.


Innovation is selected in conjunction with sponsoring organisations and implementation teams.
Implementation teams then validate innovation that proven in other markets.
The validation part of the program runs for twelve weeks at the end this, the innovation and implementation teams, are assessed.
If the assessment is positive, the team commences introducing the innovation.
InfinityLab provides ongoing support for nine months, as an internal FP&A group/advisory board
Team members receive an income for the duration of the program, and
have equity in their new venture.


For Companies

InfinityLab supports client orgaisations to develop the business case for corporate social responsibility, and refining delivery, communication and measurement of this.

InfinityLab seminars and Implementation program :
– Enhance organisation’s ability to attract, retain and engage staff
– Find their products & services of tomorrow
– Build the organisation’s social impact value.

Staff Solutions
– Supporting staff transition, into meaningful new careers
– Building staff morale, engagement and productivity
– Seminars for staff development and career enhancement:

Social Impact – Shared value and the benefit for us all in ensuring everyone has a place in society and a healthy planet
– Technology Disruption – The good, and not so good, in a rapidly changing world. Safety, security, privacy, work & life
– Innovation implementation – What’s required to establish and run companies (it’s hard work and not all “unicorns”).

Recruitment and retention
– Millennial’s and Gen-Z will comprise over 50% of the workforce by 2020.
– The Deloitte Millennial Survey 2018 notes how important social impact is for this group
– 61% indicate they will not join, or remain with, company’s that are not contributing to society.

Finding the products of tomorrow
– Companies need to constantly consider products or services they will be selling in the future.
– As technology changes, many products and services are becoming obsolete.
– If companies don’t clarify their future they’re at risk of being disrupted.

An outstanding success:

Social Impact
– The “Triple bottom line” contributes more than intangible value, making a very real difference for companies when they need it most

– InfinityLab helps companies build their triple bottom line – People, Planet and Profit

– Social responsibility ultimately saves real cash and builds real value
– Offering InfinityLab builds companies standing with staff and customers
– Quantifying and communicating social impact is a challenge. InfinityLab and it’s partners provide support to ensure value is realised.

Founding Teams

– InfinityLab provides an environment that avoids the isolation and group-think in being a sole founder or small team.
– Teams receive financial support for 12 months (by which time new ventures are self sustaining, or in a position to attract funding)
– Teams receive equity in the ventures they are building
– The initial twelve week validation part of the program is delivered by design and strategy experts
– Additional support from sector and technology experts is provided as required
– Teams have access to highly regarded, and well connected, review committees
– InfinityLab takes the guess work out of what is required – a business model canvas with robust financial forecasts, including assumptions, and awareness of the impact of changes in these
– InfinityLab teams have the innovation, the plan and tools in place to get the job done.


Program Overview

The InfinityLab program comprises three parts, an initial two day briefing, an intense twelve week validation program and a further nine months support and implementation program. For program details please Contact InfinityLab


InfinityLab provides a unique business, funding and impact model. Scaling this model across Australia is vital for society.

Various groups around the world have implemented aspects of the InfinityLab program:

– Ireland Smart Ageing Exchange (ISAX) has launched Ingenuity, an accelerator program targeted at business owners over 50. The accelerator program is tailored for people with ambition, to scale up existing businesses.
Future Investment program in Israel, run in collaboration with Facebook Israel, helps aspiring entrepreneurs over 45 address venture development, and social media marketing
University of Queensland announced in November 2018 that the Germinator program is doubling from 3 to 6 months.


InfinityLab  seeks innovation that addresses the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) These are recognised  as key areas to be addressed for the safety and security of our planet



Implementation teams are formed by:

– Providing support for transitioning staff
– Establishing a “skunkworks” or stealth mode development team
– Seeking new products or services
– Providing practical support for staff well-being and advancement
– Contributing to the well-being of society through social impact

Outplacement agencies
– On behalf of clients providing a unique new career option for transitioning staff

Startup groups (VC’s, investors, and founders)
Who want to ensure their teams have the best available support to maximise their chances of success
 – Have completed traditional accelerator programs and respect the value, and trusted independent advice and support they’ve been receiving

Government agencies
– Qualified support for the InfinityLab program has been received from the Australian Federal government

– Private applications made directly to InfinityLab 

Locations & Availability

InfinityLab is based in Sydney, Australia and will be offered in major centers across Australia in mid 2019.


For a different future contact Infinitylab.

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