InfinityLab supports experienced people bringing social impact innovation to new markets.

InfinityLab program not only supports people commencing second careers, but ensures the world benefits from extraordinary innovation, and that researchers benefit from, and see the impact, of their work.

InfinityLab is similar to:

  • Incubators and accelerators, but supports founders and their ventures over the long term.
  • Employment services, but provides for the long term future of teams through equity.
  • Organisational CSR, but gives engagement in meaningful and rewarding ventures.

Traditionally, there has been uncertainty in organisations in providing support for society.

Leaders have been constrained by the need to apply shareholder funds for defined purposes.

The value in supporting society has been proven to increase ROI by up to 7%. This is achieved in reduced costs of staff and customer acquisition and retention, with current and future staff and customers indicating that they expect companies to contribute to society.

Investment funds are realigning portfolios to ensure these reflect the values of investors, and investors are increasingly aware of the need to support all members of society and the planet.


Social Impact Innovation