InfinityLab brings experienced people together to deliver great innovation for society.

In delivering it’s service, InfinityLab also helps companies address issues arising from disruption due to technology and societal change.

Organisations require both cash and increasing value. InfinityLab helps save cash and build value

InfinityLab helps through :

    • :Staff solutions
      • Support staff in transition, into meaningful new careers
      • Attract millennial’s – Their employer, or the company they’re buying from, supports transitioning workers and society
      • Retain staff – Providing innovative ways for them to gain diverse experience without leaving the organisation
        • They see the startup ecosystem
          • a world of agile innovation & iteration
          • a way of thinking that helps larger companies remain competitive
          • it’s not all about “unicorns”
        • They get the opportunity to deliver meaningful volunteering
        • They remain in touch with ex colleagues
    • Finding their products of tomorrow
    • Building value through social impact (the triple bottom line) – both in supporting transitioning staff and in innovation introduced to society.

InfinityLab supports entrepreneurs in bringing their innovation to market and enhances society by facilitating the introduction of transformative technologies


InfinityLab is making a difference – what’s done today shapes tomorrow.

Even the most established of companies must constantly seek their products  and markets of the future.

In 2001 Blockbuster,  THE content distribution giant, asked a small visiting company what it could be acquired for.

On being told it would cost $50m, the two founders were laughed out of the room !!.

That visitor was Netflix.

Blockbuster ceased operations in November 2013. By mid 2018 Netflix had 130m subscribers around the world.

Netflix itself has been so successful as it constantly disrupts itself and conducts A/B testing to ensure it’s content is relevant to different audiences.



Companies also recognise that their contribution to staff well-being and social value is becoming increasingly important and  expected by society

Sustainability, the triple bottom line, means considering People, our Planet and Profit”

Accelerators & InfinityLab

Accelerators are programs that help new companies get to market quickly.

Some accelerators also help large organisations identify and support start-up ventures

Most accelerator programs usually run for 16 week programs.

This is frequently not enough time to make a significant difference and raises false hope for passionate founders.

Despite a lot of work and huge optimism, after programs finish, most startups enter “the valley of death”. They do not have sufficient capital, and and only some 10% survive.

The InfinityLab program commences where other accelerators leave off.

Validation, or demonstrated markets, are proven before full implementation begins. Innovation is validated over 12 weeks.

If the validation phase indicates that there is a market, then  the implementation is supported over 9 months, ensuring that sustainable ventures are created.

The InfinityLab model is based on extensive practice, and is now being recognized by significant organisations –  University of Queensland announced in November 2018 that its Germinator program is doubling from 3 to 6 months.


InfinityLab provides :

  • Financial support for founding team members, for up to 12 months
  • Equity for founders in new ventures created
  • An implementation program run by design and strategy experts
  • Support provided by  experts in PR and team well being, sector specialists and technology experts
  • Resources usually only available to medium sized companies – review committees, an  advisory board or  board of directors. This helps avoid what is called “group think”
  • A clear understanding of where they’re going: plans change, but are key to knowing which road provides the best route to success.

Some parties key to the success of the InfinityLab program:

The program delivery managers – The Strategy Group

A team well being and PR development specialist:


These experts are supported by Service delivery, Sector, Strategy and technology specialists


InfinityLab Teams are formed by:

  • Companies seeking to :
    • Provide support for transitioning staff
    • Establish a “skunkworks” or stealth mode development team
    • Introduce new products or services to Australia
    • Demonstrate practical support for staff well-being and advancement
  • Outplacement agencies
    • On behalf of organizations to develop meaningful new careers for transitioning staff
  • Startup teams
    • Who want to ensure their teams have the best support available to maximise their chances of success
    • Have completed traditional accelerator programs and respect the value, and trusted independent advice and support they’ve been receiving.
  • Government agencies
    • Qualified support for InfinityLab has been received from the Federal government
  • InfinityLab
    • Private applications



“When you want to go fast, go alone. when you you want to go far, go together”. African proverb



Pieter Bruegel the Elder – The Tower of Babel 1565

To create a different and amazing future for your staff, customers and society

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What is done today changes tomorrow