Innovation is at the core of Australia’s future. This will only occur however if we realise the benefits of innovation.

Also fundamental to Australia’s future is ensuring meaningful jobs for all who want them.What InfinityLab does

InfinityLab forms teams, comprised of experienced people, who apply their transferable skills to commercialise extraordinary ideas.



Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, in the United States, finds that experience plays a key role in the success of new ventures (measured by ventures still in operation after three years).

Information is not knowledge.

The only source of knowledge is experience.

Albert Einstein



InfinityLab recognises experience and aligns this with knowledge and creativity.


InfinityLab supports people who want to take new paths, and who have the skills, experience and willingness to contribute in a team to building an alternative future.


(We apologise for no women on the bike. The women were planning what route the blokes should take)


InfinityLab for You

The essence of InfinityLab is its program and the combination of skills of its team members.


This ensures a deep understanding of each new venture, and the teams ability to achieve a successful outcome, before significant funds are invested.

InfinityLab brings together teams that aligns people’s experience.


Teams create new ventures by commercialising proven innovation, or developing new use cases for existing products.

Many factors  impact on successfully implementing a new venture. Even when innovation is feasible, more practical alternatives may already exist.



InfinityLab teams establish that innovation being commercialised solves real life issues.



Viability assessments are completed before decisions to proceed are made, and funds committed.

Business plans and project plans are a core part of the InfinityLab program.



While plans change as new factors are revealed they provide a vital tool for understanding the goal, milestones, and resources required, to becoming sustainable.

“Plan the work. Work the Plan”



InfinityLab ensures alignment of the interests of all stakeholders, with commercialisation teams, patent holders, and funders receiving equity in new ventures.

To join an InfinityLab team use the Join InfinityLab form.

Supportive companies

Change is inevitable as companies continually realign skillsets to compete in a global market.



Change is confronting for departing staff and those remaining.

Staff leaving impacts on morale and performance. Çompanies recognise this, and are increasingly providing staff with more elegant transition plans.




InfinityLab offers transitioning staff an alternative future. This benefits them, their families and your company.




InfinityLab provides an environment that maximises the chances of success of new ventures by helping people recognise and apply their transferable skills and experience to build new ventures.


This includes taking Australian innovation overseas, introducing global innovation in Australia, developing new use cases for existing products or services and supporting companies to transition to new business models


InfinityLab offers inclusive entrepreneurship, creates positive social change and helps people develop alternative futures.


Internal innovation, and “hackathons”  can be disruptive to ongoing operations and are often less than effective.

InfinityLab can help transitioning staff clarify business cases and implementation plans, and develop new revenue streams or expense reduction options for your company.

Staff who are familiar with your organisation work to discover and implement new products and services.



Engaging with InfinityLab benefits your organisation by utilising the knowledge gained by departing staff.

Retained staff also benefit :

  • They deliver meaningful volunteering and social impact by supporting ex colleagues in building new ventures
  • Gain exposure to innovation and the startup process without leaving your organisation
  • See high performance teams being developed ( special workshops can be provided for retained staff to evaluate and provide feedback on innovation teams)
  • Develop experience and skills for “the future of work”.


Change impacts on all of us.

Traditional forms and forums of social interaction are changing and the need to support staff has never been more important for organisation sustainability.


For more information on how InfinityLab can add value to your organisation Contact InfinityLab.


Experience counts.