InfinityLab is a commercialisation centre building awareness of, and helping people address, the impacts of technology change.

Innovation, and new ways of doing things, can lead to exclusion. Innovation can however also pave the way to a healthier, more equitable and sustainable society.

InfinityLab’s core service helps people build new careers by bringing proven innovation to new markets.

InfinityLab also delivers seminars on the interaction between innovation, change and social impact.

 InfinityLab combines Companies supporting their staff, Experienced people and Innovation.


The InfinityLab program:

    • develops people for the next phase in their career;
    • supports innovative startup ventures become viable,
    • helps companies develop sustainability.

InfinityLab  finds innovation that works, and through it’s program makes this available for more people.

InfinityLab’s program addresses the United Nations Sustainable development Goals both directly,b in providing new careers and employment, and through the innovation introduced to new markets.

For Companies:

InfinityLab saves cash and builds value through:

> Staff solutions

    • supporting staff in transition, into meaningful new careers
    • building staff morale and productivity
      • seeing the support provided to transitioning staff
      • in staff development and career enhancement – whats required to establish & run companies (it’s hard work and not all about “unicorns”)
    • recruiting and retaining Millennial’s and Gen-Z.
      • These cohorts will comprise over 50% of the workforce by 2020 and Social impact is very important to them.
      • Deloitte’s 2018 Millennial survey finds 61% will not join, or remain with, employers that are  not contributing to society

> Finding the products of tomorrow

    • Companies need to constantly evaluate what products/services they’re going to be selling in the future
    • As technology changes increasingly quickly, many products/services are becoming obsolete
    • If companies don’t clarify their future they’re at risk of being disrupted.

> Social Responsibility

    • The triple bottom line – People, Planet and Profit.
    • Offering InfinityLab for staff builds the companies reputation with staff and customers.
    • Social responsibility ultimately saves real cash and builds real value.
    • Quantifying and communicating social impact can be a challenge. InfinityLab and it’s partners have expert knowledge in this and can provide support. 

For Founding team members :

InfinityLab provides members of founding teams with:

    • An environment that enables avoiding the social isolation that can result from leaving the corporate world
    • Financial support  for up to 12 months
    • Equity  in new ventures created
    • An implementation program run by design and strategy experts and additional support provided by sector and technology experts
    • Review committees/ advisory board/ board of directors (providing perspective, connections and avoiding “group think”)
    • A framework of what will be achieved and how to get there > Business model canvas, Financial forecasts and the implications of assumptions.


Accelerators are programs that help new companies get to market quickly. Some accelerators also help organisations identify and support start-up ventures, to identify new products/services.

Most accelerator programs run 12-16 week programs. This is often not long enough to make a difference, raising false hope for passionate founders.

After programs finish most startups, despite hard work and huge optimism, enter “the valley of death” – they do not have sufficient capital, or a plan for sustainability, and only some 10% survive.InfinityLab

The InfinityLab “Setup program” provides an overview of the forces shaping Industry 4.0  – Corporate Social responsibility and the ability of innovation to make a difference for society

InfinityLab’s “Foundation program” is designed to validate innovation and build team cohesiveness

For teams that have validated markets for innovation, and are working well, this is when the hard work of the “Implementation program” begins. 

InfinityLab works alongside teams throughout this phase providing the support to ensure viable ventures.

In-house programs

The InfinityLab  “Setup”and “Foundation” programs can be offered in-house to build staff awareness of the future of work and society, and how these factors will impact and contribute to  their roles, and the company.

Surveys indicate that Millennials (and Gen Z) don’t feel  aware of the implications of technology disruption (Industry 4.0), and also want their employers to have a purpose (beyond making a profit).

Over 50% of this cohort indicate they will not remain with their employer for over 2 years, and will not join a company that does not have a clearly articulated,and actioned, purpose.


Validation for InfinityLab

Recognition for the robustness of the InfinityLab Model is seen in the University of Queensland  announing in November 2018 that its Germinator program is doubling from 3 to 6 months.

Ireland Smart Ageing Exchange (ISAX) has launched Ingenuity, an accelerator program targeted at business owners over 50. The accelerator program is tailored for people with ambition, to scale up existing businesses.

The Future Investment program in Israel, run in collaboration with Facebook Israel, targets people over 45. Future helps aspiring older entrepreneurs specifically address development, and marketing  in the era of social media.

InfinityLab Program

The InfinityLab program comprises 3 separate modules, and provides exposure to some core modules of MBA programs, agile business venture development and social impact:

      • The “Setup Program” gives an overview of the latest trends in technology and society. Of deep concern for the Millenial and Gen-Z generations, this program outlines what may or may not create an impact over the next 12 months. This program prepares staff and helps them understand what to expect both internally and in the markets being addressed by the company.
      • The “Foundation program” equips experienced people with the skills to build new ventures quickly. This is offered for staff in transition, and building new ventures by commercialising innovation. The Foundation program is also offered in-house for staff development
      • The “Implementation program”, follows the Foundation program and runs over 9 months to ensure venture viability

The InfinityLab program is delivered by Program Delivery Partners with experience in developing their own ventures and in delivering tertiary level education and research. The Program Delivery Partners are complemented by experts in:

      • Service delivery,
      • Sector, Strategy and Technology specialists and
      • experts in regulatory and compliance.


InfinityLab has relationships with leading social impact oriented accelerators around the world, and has access to extraordinary innovation for the Australian market. 

InfinityLab supports innovation looking to be introduced into new markets, and is seeking innovation that is generally oriented towards addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s)

InfinityLab Teams are formed by:


– Providing support for transitioning staff

– Establishing a “skunkworks” or stealth mode development team

– Seeking new products or services

– Providing practical support for staff well-being and advancement

– Contributing to the well-being of society through social impact

Outplacement agencies:

– On behalf of clients providing a unique new career option for transitioning staff

Startup groups:

– Who want to ensure their teams have the best support available to maximise their chances of success

 – Have completed traditional accelerator programs and respect the value, and trusted independent advice and support they’ve been receiving.

Government agencies:

– Qualified support for the InfinityLab program has been received from the Australian Federal government


– Private applications made directly to InfintyLab


Magnificent achievements are rarely completed by individuals > Man was never meant to fly. But we did it anyway.

Behind the extraordinary, there is usually an exceptional support team.

 “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” African proverb

The InfinityLab program is currently available in Sydney, Australia and will be offered in major centers across Australia in mid 2019.

To create a different and amazing future for your staff, customers and society Contact Infinitylab.

Enhancing society with innovation