“Many of the best ideas occur when people connect, bringing different perspectives to the table”.


InfinityLab  brings together experienced people to introduce proven innovation into new markets.

The 3 parties in InfinityLab identifying and implementing innovation:

  1.  The innovation,
  2. Organisations seeking to build resilience and sustainability by recognising advances in technology and changes in society,
  3. The people completing the commercialisation.

Quantifying Social Impact

In addition to helping identify and implement innovation, that aligns with organisations vision, InfinityLab helps clarify the nuances of delivering  Economic Value Add (EVA)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) aims to make a business accountable.

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria make an organisations efforts measurable.

The rise of impact investing has led to a demand for organisations to rank their ESG performance.

To help rank ESG, InfinityLab offers the “Leaderboard” platform.

The Leaderboard gives organisations the ability for:

  1. staff to record their CSR achievements
  2. compete against other teams within the organisation and
  3. compete with other organisations who are using the Leaderboard.

To discuss identifying and implementing innovation or to use the Leaderboard please contact InfinityLab.

Social Impact Innovation