InfinityLab is an innovation accelerator focused on social impact.

The InfinityLab process and program is designed to support experienced people to bring social impact innovation to new markets.

Implementing a new venture is challenging, with over 90% of new ventures not succeeding.

InfinityLab works to ensure an alignment of skills, energy and other vital resources are in place to maximise the chance of new ventures succeeding.


InfinityLab uses the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), as a goal for selecting innovation that can lead to a better and more sustainable future for all.

Doughnut economics, is a visual framework for sustainable development that combining planetary boundaries with the social boundaries. This model for economics depicts the proportion of people that lack access to life’s essentials and the ecological ceilings that life depends on.

I mage: Kate Raworth (Oxford University) /The Lancet Planetary Health

Amsterdam is the first city in the world to adopt “Doughnut economics”.


InfinityLab corporate partners work with InfinityLab to address what is described by McKinsey as the “Three Horizons model”

This model suggests the three phases of an organisation are their current, medium and longer term horizons.

Standing still is not sustainable in a quickly changing world, and working with InfinityLab enables partners to focus on current operations while using InfinityLab to explore horizons.

IN addition to innovation, InfinityLab helps organisations address the responsibility to society, that is increasingly expected by staff, customers and investors.

InfinityLab facilitates providing leaving staff with an option that enables to still be engaged with the organisation and their colleagues, while developing their future career
Provides meaningful volunteering opportunities for current staff while giving them exposure to new skills, technologies, trends and awareness of the impact of innovation and shared value

Experienced People

InfinityLab brings exceptional people together to create new careers for themselves and enhance society by commercialising existing innovation.

  1. People are living longer, healthier and more energetic lives
  2. At the same time, people are being let go from the employment market at ever younger ages
  3. Current options for a new career include starting a new venture, buying a franchise or a”gig economy” role. Each of these options have significant drawbacks
  4. InfinityLab offers a different future, providing interaction, support and funding

InfinityLab teams comprise people who have forged solid careers and, in the next phase of their career,  want to help build a venture that enhances society.

Some teams may be made up of people who have previously worked together, while others comprise people who recognise the benefits of working with people from different disciplines and backgrounds.

“If you want to go fast go alone; if you want to go far, go together” – African proverb


  1. Identifies innovation that enhances how we live
  2. Evaluates markets for innovation
  3. Guides funding organisations support society through shared value
  4. Brings together Implementation teams
  5. Supports Implementation Teams in Commercialising Innovation

InfinityLab also provides

  • Seminars spanning Innovation, Disruption & Social Impact
  • Post Accelerator Support

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