“Often, the best ideas happen when people connect, bringing different perspectives to the table”.

InfinityLab supports experienced people implementing or building innovative enterprises.

We work with executives who have left the comfort of the corporate world to create new careers while enhancing society.

We  support enterprises making a difference for society or our world.

What is required to make a difference is determined by the United Nations in it’s “Sustainable Development Goals”.







The 3 facets of InfinityLab:

  1. Supporting experienced people enhance and grow the sustainability of their venture
  2. Bringing to society innovation that makes a difference
  3. Helping large organisations see the value in, and implement, social responsibility.

Experienced people

Experienced people are often used to working in corporations with large teams and considerable resources.

Starting a new venture is often done in pursuit of a passion, to fund a lifestyle or simply for the challenge and interaction.

Establishing and building a new venture is however a tough road to travel.

InfinityLab works as a “sounding board”, conducts hands on researc and delivers training forums that have been described as a “mini MBA”.

We help clarify options, determine sustainability (business model, financial budget, plans) and identify risks, customers and partners.

When you move an ocean liner to sailing a  small yacht it can be a tremendous help having experienced support who care.


Innovation is usually developed by extraordinary people who have identified a problem they are passionate to solve.

Amazing innovation, that can change live, is all around us but often does not get to users for a variety of reasons.

InfinityLab helps overcome barriers to speed up the “go to market” process.


The perennial dilemma for large organisations has been how to value, for their shareholders, the value of their social impact.

It is often only when situations go wrong, and have a dramitic impact, that organisations realise what a difference empathy and support could have made.

Recent research has determined that ethical behavior contributes 7% to ROI.

Many large organisations are now recognise the value in supporting society.

Some  already offer Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) time for their staff.

InfinityLab helps organisations identify options for CSR; where staff can most effectively utilise their skills and knowledge while also gaining personal development from CSR opportunities.

To discuss how InfinityLab adds value for you and your organisation please Contact us.

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