InfinityLab supports leaders & teams, delivering social impact innovation to new markets.

This is achieved by:

  • Applying proven tools to inform decision making
  • Supporting business and unit leaders to align resources with opportunities
  • Building high performance teams
  • Placing meaningful CSR programs front and centre for client staff

Experienced professionals – InfinityLab supports develop second careers. InfinityLab contributes a diverse skill set, developed in organisational performance and transformation, to help you develop new ventures.

New ventures – InfinityLab guides developing business models, business strategy and business development (how it’s going to work and how to get there).InfinityLab drives a focus on sustainability to enable the venture to deliver it’s innovation to wider markets.

Large organisations – Research has proven the value of responsible corporate citizens and suupporting society has never been more important. Investment funds are realigning portfolios to compnaies that embrace ESG. InfinityLab guides development of ESG and CSR programs, contributing to staff acquisition and retention, and more effective stakeholder engagement.

Investors – Research shows that supporting society adds 7% to ROI. InfinityLab helps guide, quantify, and communicate the value added by supporting society.

Please contact InfinityLab to clarify how we add value.


Social Impact Innovation